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Today Mark Additional Year Of Age.

Today, I am once again,a year closer to my grave,and more importantly, closer to my God, to whom alone I shall give account of all my deeds on earth.

I have every reason to give glory and adoration to God almighty for the journey of life so far. His blessings truly surpassed my expectations. On a day like this, I remember those that have one way or the other made life meaningful for me.

My late sweet mother has been a pillar of support. She is not privileged to have acquired more education, but from her petty trading and cheer determination to fill the gap.

I appreciate my benefactor, Hon.Umar Yahaya Connect, for giving me hope and for moving me from disappointment to appointment.

I thank my beautiful adopted mother Mrs Emanuel Favour Safiyat  for the tremendous support and encouragement. She has mentored me and the children around her to learn how to tolerate me as absentee and stubborn uncle.

Hon. Umar Yahaya (Connect) is well appreciated for the tireless and selfless support for my wellbeing greater attainment.

In a very special way, I appreciate Miss.Emmanuel Favour Safiyat for believing in me, having discovered the truth and my sincerity of purpose. It is in my relationship with Umar Yahaya, I realized that friendship built after misunderstanding, would thrive on the strength of sincerity and mutually reciprocated love and bond of brotherhood.

On the strength of the foregoing I dedicate this year birthday to almighty God for allowing me to witness the deserving elevation of my friend and boss turned political leader, Hon Umar Yahaya he was conferred a deserving Chieftaincy title as UGBA KOJOGWE.  My sincere appreciation to the entire Omala youth for believing in him.

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In the preceding year of my life journey, I had for the first time in my entire life experienced what pain is all about. In July 16 2019, I lost my irreplaceable sweet Mother and the supreme pillar of support for my educational attainment and for whoever I am today today. Allah will continue to rest the soul of Hajiya Ramatu Faruna.

In this same year, Allah decided to subject my faith in him to a more difficult test akin to that of Prophet Abraham. Was having challenges of accommodation and  handout , it was expensive problems to me.

My first trial began when the money was about 80.000 thousands naira  which I didn’t have. I had contacted virtually all my contacts without substantial results while the condition of my academic was deteriorating. I decided to put up my phone and our television,generator for sale for which serious buyers were not forthcoming.

I got a surprise call from Hon.Umar Yahaya who queried me why i did not inform him  about my financial predicament. Within some minutes, I got another call again through Sunday Alfa his friend ,Umar Yahaya who did not only pray for me to be strong but undertook to pay the 80 thousand naira.

I was so heartbroken when the money was paid.

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When I declared total support for Umar Yahaya some person’s  came with their ridiculous blackmail of why I am supporting hon.Umar yahaya against thier interest,I laughed at their point.
In this life, sleep is the test of death. Like the Igala’s would say, “when someone do because of you and die, you should do because of him and get lost”. On this personal efforts in my time of need that Hon.Umar Yahaya stood with me, I cannot abandon him for any reason or agenda.

My birthday message as we approach the December 12, Kogi State Council Poll Election.I want to call on all political actors and the youths to eschew any act of violence. Politics is about choice and interest. It is not a do or die affair if our overall intention is about service to our people. It is vote and NOT fight.

Convince the electorates why your candidate is the right person for the job and not about insult, destruction of properties like burning and damaging of cars. Above all, it is not about killing of targeted opponents or innocent soul.

May God guide all of us to the right path, and to continue to serve humanity. May God count me amongst those that shall live an indelible footprints on the positive side of history in my continuous drive for service to humanity.

Happy birthday to me!

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Mohammed Gafar Shola (Popularly Known as PedNation) is A Content writer, Speaker, A graduate of Public Administration from Kwara State Polytechnic, Am A Graphics Designer, YouTuber, Online Promoter (PR), Your Relationship Counselor And A Man Who never Stops Writting..

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