‘78% Of Nigerians Support FG Lockdown Approach’ – Lai Muhammed Confirms

Minister of Information Lai Muhammed has disclosed that almost every Nigerians support the Govt action to put the country on lockdown amid the covid-19 outbreak.

A poll by West Africa’s number one polling services, NOI Polls, stated 78% of Nigerians exceeded the federal government’s lockdown approach as an appropriate method of fighting the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, disclosed this all through Thursday’s edition of the media briefing by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Abuja.

The Minister, who was reacting to allegations the PTF and National Orientation Agency (NOA), had failed to properly enlighten Nigerians on the COVID-19 pandemic, additionally stated the polls put the level of awareness of the outbreak amongst Nigerians at 99%.

While describing the allegation as ‘fake news’, Mohammed stated the authenticity of the polls was in addition backed by the reality that it obtained from the Communications Office of the British Prime Minister.

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“The allegation that the Ministry of Information or the PTF, especially the National Orientation Agency (NOA) is no longer doing enough to sensitize and enlighten Nigerians about COVID-19, is fake news and it’s fake news and I have the unbiased polls conducted through the NOIP, which is the most credible company in the whole of West Africa for this type of poll, which was additionally sent to us by the UK Prime Minister’s Communication Office, which is partnering with us, and the end result is this:

“It says 99% of Nigerians say they are aware of COVID-19. 6% of Nigerians say it is not real and this 6% is broken down to northwest, 4%; Northeast, 8%; north-central, 5%; Southwest, 3%, southeast, 10% and; south-south 12%.

“The poll additionally stated 28% of Nigerians said they are immune to COVID-19 and the reasons they gave are as follows: 42% of them stated ‘I believe in God’s. 35% of them stated ‘I follow preventive measures’. 11% of them stated ‘I’m a black person’. 5% of them stated ‘hot weather will not allow it to infect me’, whilst 4% of them stated ‘I eat good food’.

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“The ballot additionally went down to ask Nigerians ‘do you see the FG’s decision to lockdown FCT, Lagos Ogun as corrects?’. 18% stated ‘it’s too extreme’, 78% stated ‘It’s appropriate’, whilst 5% stated ‘not sufficient’.

“If you want more information, I will supply you, however, I tell you this is from NOI Polls, so all these allegations that there’s not enough public enlightenment is fake news,” he said. 

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