The Asquare ideas are proud to launch the first Arabic Scrabble in Nigeria and West Africa at large on the 14th of November, 2020.

The Nigerian made Arabic Scrabble is the first Arabic scrabble to be launched in west Africa it’s unique features made it stand out against all odds as it is the first of it kind.

The Arabic Scrabble was designed by two undergraduate students of the University of Ilorin, Kwara state namely, Abolaji Abdullahi and Mohammed Abdulrasaq of the Department of Religions, 300 and 200 Level respectively.

The launching is slated to be on the 14th of November, 2020 in Jamat-ul Islamiyyah Hall in Lagos Island, Lagos.

Contact: Abolaji Abdullahi

Company: Asquare ideas


phone: 08174513292

Email: [email protected]

According to the curators; The motive behind this great innovative idea is to create a friendly atmosphere around the people that understands Arabic and also to revive the fun of games in our society.

The aim is to boost the morale and intellectual thinking of individuals and also for people to see the beauty of Arabic as it is one of the most essential languages in the world.

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According to Abdulrasaq, one of the brains behind Scrabble, he said:

“The Arabic Scrabble has been designed in such a way that it will be very easy to play and understand by beginners, lovers of Arabic, also to be able to be played by kids from age 7 upward and among 4 individuals.

This is a turning point for us all especially the youth as Arabic is one of the 6 Semitic languages.

Furthermore, this Scrabble is not restricted to Muslims alone as Arabic is a language that widely speaks all around the world, particularly as we have the first Professor of Arabic in Nigeria who was a Christian named Professor Isaac Ogunbiyi.

The scrabble has unique features that can make players understand the concept of the game easily.

According to Abdullahi one of the brains behind the scrabble and the co-founder of Asquare ideas, he said:

“The Arabic scrabble has some unique features like a dictionary, which gives players hints on what to spell especially for beginners who don’t understand the language”.

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He further explains that the Launch of the scrabble is the beginning of reviving games in our society especially board games.

“I believe board games are very important in improving people’s intelligence especially students, it’s a way of relaxing your memory and at the same time enhancing your brain to be more effective. He added”

He further gave more explanation about the Launching.

“At the launch of Scrabble, we are bringing together, dignitaries and personnel from different parts of the country and different sectors who are involved and interested in charting a way forward to restore the quality of life of people through capacity building most importantly youths as we are the critical stakeholders of every country. He added.

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