BatManStream And 10 Alternative Sports Streaming Website


BatManStream is a known sports streaming website where u have access to watch live sports games like football rugby boxing basketball tennis and others.

With an easy user interface, you can easily access them by just typing the name of the website on your browser.

The website can be viewed from any country in the world, it allows every user to have access to live sporting games going on.

BatManStream gives you the best quality video streaming which is in HD and it consumes data but u get the best.

BatManStream And 10 Alternative Sports Streaming Website

1: Sportp2p

This is another sports streaming alternative compared to BatManStream due to similarities in what they both provide.

You have access to sporting events such as ice hockey, basketball, boxing, tennis, motorsports and others.


This website is also used to watch various top football leagues all over the world such as Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga, Champions League, and others top European league.

2: LiveTV

LiveTV is a top sports streaming brand which can be used instead of BatManStream when you wish to stream sporting events from all over the world in the conform of your home.

You can also stream top football Leagues from all over Europe with the likes of English Premier League, Spanish Laliga Santander, Bundesliga and many others.

They have various platforms and categories which u can choose from with the likes of LiveTV Android, LiveTV Streaming, LiveTV news, LiveTV App, LiveTV Online and LiveTV mobile.

3: Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a another solution for online sports streaming for fans and a quality BatManStream alternative for all sports on the internet, with their fully designed and easy to access website.

You can literally stream any sporting events going on, also, it has have sports categories to choose from such as Stream2Watch Movies, Stream2Watch Boxing, Stream2Watch Football and other available on the platform.

Stream2Watch also gives you the advantage to stream top TV channels like FOX, NBC, Discovery World, MTV, National Geographic and so many others available.

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4: 12thPlayer

12thplayer offers more sports streaming for various sports such as hockey, Tennis, Basketball and many more alternative sporting events going on from across the globe.

They have a very clean and easy to navigate website design which makes it very easy to user experience for anyone both on mobile and PC platforms or any other device with an internet connection available.

The only issue you can encounter when using 12thPlayer is too many advertisement which run on the website and it can be annoying as it tends to take more data and time to load but if you have a 4G or 5G network u are good to go.

5: CricFree

CricFree is another alternative platform compared to BatManStream which is a sports streaming brand that provides access to various sporting events from different range and categories.

You have access to such activities as CricFree Golf, CricFree Basketball, CricFree Darts, CricFree Baseball and many more for your streaming pleasure as they are one of the best.

They have more than 12 different categories with sub-sections to choose from and for each sport such as the Premier League, La Liga Santander, and others under the Football section and the same for various sporting event of your interest.

6: Sport365

Sport365 is a very popular sports streaming website that allows you to watch various sports channels which is very wide and large as you can easily go through them and enjoy whatever you want to access.

It another huge site which provides almost all sports such as Sport 365 Football, Basketball, Cricket, WWE, Baseball, Hockey, MotoGP, Cycling, Rugby, Handball, Boxing.

In all various streaming qualities such as HD and others, but however Sport365 which serves as an alternative for BatManStream requires for you to log in which means you need to create an account on the website for you to have access.

They also have so much advertising on their website which also includes Pop Ups that’s why u need to make sure you are using ads blocker to reduce the amount of advert you can see on their platform.

7: VipLeague

VIPLeague is an amazing sport streaming brand with simple and organized website design which you don’t have to stress too much finding what you need to enjoy while surfing the web.

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This website home page is very easy to navigate as each top category is shown in large shape and the Thumbnails make it easy to find what the user is looking for way faster and easier.

Every category has an option for pieces of information about which of the matches you wish to stream in Football, Basketball, NFL, and many more others.

8: WiziWig

Wiziwig is a complete sports streaming website and it is as fantastic as Batmastream like website in the sports streaming platforms which is agreeably one of the best so far to choose from.

It offers Live TV Shows, Live Radio and very easy to use website and accessible interface making it very free and less complicated for any sports fan across the world who surf through their website.

They also have various sports streaming categories on WiziWig such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, NFL, Baseball, Cricket, Boxing.

9: Atdhe

Atdhe is another platform which is a very old sport streaming website that offers great services to football fans and many other sports you like to watch from all over the world.

This website has various streaming categories which ranges from Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Handball, Rugby, Hockey and many more sports you enjoy mostly from your home.

Atdhe have a very simple and clean website design which makes it easy for users to navigate around the website with ease as they tend to look for what suits them most and stream.

10: SportStream

SportStream is an online sports streaming platform which offers a wide range of live sporting events from all over the world irrespective of where you are from.

They are another great alternative to choose from for every sports fan out there from any country in the world which you are surfing their website from.

SportStream has no restriction on any country users and can be accessed globally at any time of the day with you just needing to have an Internet connection on your mobile or PC and any device you are streaming from.

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