Do You Know There Is A Mite That Lives, Eat And Mate On Your Face | READ DETAILS


So last night i was surfing through the Internet and i came across this post which talked about face mite that lives on human called ‘Arachnids‘.

It might sound weird or scary but it does not have to be so as we all have few dozen arachnids grinding up on the tiny shafts of hair lodged inside out face.

They are quietly gorging themselves on your natural oils lying all over your face, which isn’t bad.


Arachnids also know as face mite, looks like a tick but much more tinny and they live, feeds, mate on every adult face.

These face mites have eight legs, they are transparent and microscopic, they live in the roots of facial hair follicles on both men and women.


Arachnids Face Mite

This mite lives on human face but they are not found in babies but they are considered to be transmitted through contact.


They feed on the oil your face produces to keep them hydrated, that’s what they use to sustain their life span.

They sleep at day time and crawl out of their hiding place in your skin at night when one is asleep.

They crawl out of your skin and look for females to mate with on one’s skin surface as u sleep.

They also store their poop inside their body until their death.


No, they are not harmful but when they get an increase in number then that can be harmful to the skin which is rare.

If their number increases number exceedingly then a skin disease known as ‘DEMODICOSIS’ would occur.

There is nothing u can do to get rid of them on your face as it is normal to find them in the oiliest part of your face.

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