As political science student, I was thought to understand that Youth are the pride of every nation.

So I put up this article here to bring to the understanding or tenet of our leaders at all levels of government that Youth are the pride of every society.

And what gave us this place of pride is our energy, large population, propensity, productive capacity and creative mentality among other potentials in every society, so empowering the youths is absolutely for national development.

Without doubt, the youths reflect the Negative and positive picture of any nation, Our energies, inventiveness, characters, orientations and large population define the pace of development and security of a country.

Through our creative talents and labour, a nation makes giant strides in economic development and soco- political attainment.

In all societies of the world, youths is the bedrock on which national development is predicated.

The youths are the back bone and building block of any nation, community and indeed society.

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It is a well known fact that youths possess a transformative force that can bring about progress or retrogression to the nation, the energy and brightness of the minds of youth act as torch bearer for a nation.

Infact, the role of youths in the nation building process cannot be over emphasized as countries that developed and utilize their youths in the right directions seems to be more developed and productive.

While other country or leaders who fail to realize the importance of youths lag behind in all aspect of life especially in the area of security.

The late British politician and writer, BENJAMIN DISRAEL, describe youths of a nation as the trustees of posterity.

And It is in the reality of this that I am calling on all our leaders at all levels to vehemently make a concerted effort in a galvanizing integrated approach in putting in place youths’ development structures that have a very high propensity to be a catalyst for their national growth.

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I equally advise that youths should be given a chance to participate in governance both at the federal level, state, and local level of governance for
It is only when youths are brought into and connected with national issues and programs that they can fully participate actively and contributed to decision-making that concerns them.

Finally, I urge all our state Governors to try as much as possible to pay more attention to youths’ empowerment programs to reduce the rate of unemployment in our various communities.

And indeed society for that is the only way crimes of all types can be reduced to a minimal level.

This is my submission.

God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.


Mohammed Gafar Shola (Popularly Known as PedNation) is A Content writer, Speaker, A graduate of Public Administration from Kwara State Polytechnic, Am A Graphics Designer, YouTuber, Online Promoter (PR), Your Relationship Counselor And A Man Who never Stops Writting..

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