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Moment With PedNation-Every Life Has Three Chapters, Each is Irreversible

When we are young, we take so many things for granted with the belief that time will help us adjust in life.

At our middle age, we seem to understand life better and want to adjust to our realities and aspirations, only few make up for the lost past.

Most times we savor the best we can get out of life at every point in time, we make the best of it and hope for a better tomorrow.

When our bones are weak, we look back and see lots of things we have had the opportunity and privilege to do but missed because of factors we may or may not be able to explain.

When we are weak, we desire a repeat of some parts of our past and wish we can do what we left undone.

The best is to have no regrets but make reference to it for others to learn, we are full and filled with anecdotes that can make life better for the posterity.

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Remember,if we cannot teach others the rules of life, then we have learnt nothing in life.We are empty and never existed.



Mohammed Gafar Shola (Popularly Known as PedNation) is A Content writer, Speaker, A graduate of Public Administration from Kwara State Polytechnic, Am A Graphics Designer, YouTuber, Online Promoter (PR), Your Relationship Counselor And A Man Who never Stops Writting..

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