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Moment With PedNation – So Many Things We Do For Others We May Not Get Back.

Not all those we choose or take as friends takes us as their friends.

Many times we trust those who are not willing to trust us, we think more about those who think less of us, it’s natural and happens on daily basis.

Those who loves us, does so without stress, even when our hearts 💕 are somewhere else, yet they stand by us and sacrifice everything to make sure we are good.

So many friends today are circumstantial and conditional, when there is no bread 🍞, they bring no butter, when there no rain 🌧 they think of no umbrella ☔️ .

We can only point at those we love 💕 genuinely, we may never know those who loves us genuinely.

Though sometimes if we are smart enough, the test of time is always around us and it exposed those who either pretends or never loves us a pinch.

Remember, before we can blame the rope, let us check the depth. Balance friendship does not exist.

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Mohammed Gafar Shola (Popularly Known as PedNation) is A Content writer, Speaker, A graduate of Public Administration from Kwara State Polytechnic, Am A Graphics Designer, YouTuber, Online Promoter (PR), Your Relationship Counselor And A Man Who never Stops Writting..

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