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Moment With PedNation

Having Money Is Important But Humanity Comes First Before Any Other Thing

If you are not yet successful, your life and death means nothing to people

If you are not yet successful, you may struggle to earn respect you deserve, you will keep worrying over what you already know

Money or wealth is not the success the world is looking for, it’s your worth and the value you can offer or add to People

Money and wealth can fade away but your success in what you do and do well, your success in what the world know you for, will linger and open more doors for you and Posterity

Money and wealth are good but if it cannot put smiles on the faces of people around you, it’s a waste of accumulation, a waste of efforts, a waste of Greed

If you cannot tolerate and develop others, your leadership capability is called to question, the world may not miss you when you are long gone

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Remember, you can only live a simple life, less of worry of stress, you don’t need lots of stuff.
Just be happy and successful


Mohammed Gafar Shola (Popularly Known as PedNation) is A Content writer, Speaker, A graduate of Public Administration from Kwara State Polytechnic, Am A Graphics Designer, YouTuber, Online Promoter (PR), Your Relationship Counselor And A Man Who never Stops Writting..

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